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Live life to the fullest

CONGRATS to this person for being the 1000th follower. 

Now…LETS GET TO 2000! 

You guys rock. 

SIX away from 1,000

Wow, it feels like FOREVER since i’ve said that or seen one or like, do people still do promos? 
Spread the word, yo! Partay at the fox blog. Y’all are invited. 

psychedelic-depressi0n asked: Can't believe I just found this blog... I'm so happy right meow.. I love foxes. My gamer tag was sirfox.. Fuck yeah ;D Yeah sorry I just really like foxes.. .-.

ha ha don’t apologize! foxes are super great. spread the love! 


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Fox art

I love foxes and thought you might want to see some of my fox art!

What is your favourite thing about foxes?

Anonymous asked: what do you love about foxes and why did you dedicate your blog to them? :)

have you ever seen a fox? need i say more? they’re just cool. 

Anonymous asked: how many foxes are there

a lot i guess. i’ve never really gone out and counted them all or anything.