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Hey I was wondering if you’d like to check out my photography blog’s fox tag. I have some great shots there and I hope you like! Thanks for looking :)

i dont get it but foxes ya dig?

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Cassidy Chambers Photography


Hey guys, I would love it if you checked out my photography page and gave it a like! Thanks a lot <3 

Hey fellow foxesssss. Please check out my photography page and possibly show your love and like it?? You guys rock my socks off. Much love 

Happy 3rd birthday to the fox blog!


full outfit details

love the outfit!


This is Koda Rhaegal Stormborn, direwolf-dragon-fox of house Florent.

Also I am that person that bought this for the photo op… hate on me yo.

Cassidy Chambers Photography

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the making of Fantastic Mr Fox - photo by Ray Lewis

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